[LAU] Cheap USB MIDI interfaces

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Mar 23 01:42:57 EDT 2009

Lots of generic stuff  like this below will most likely work.. 
ebay item260378238505
ebay item 120395372503	

BTW ..I am not the seller of these items so this is not spam.. 

On Mon Mar 23  7:35 , Mark Knecht  sent:

>A friend possibly wants to set up a Linux system to teach himself
>keyboards. He's currently looking for a weighted MIDI keyboard which
>he can do on his own but needs info on what USB-MIDI intersfaces
>available online at someplace like Sweetwater or Musician's Friend are
>Alsa/Jack compatible. I'm guessing he'll set up Rosegarden and a
>couple of soft synths and be very happy.
>Does anyone have an up-to-date list of what can be purchased new today
>that works? I use a Midiman Midisport 2x2 which I can still find on
>Ebay but it's not listed at Sweetwater anymore and everything that is
>listed seems WAY too expensive to me for this task. ($80 or higher)
>What can a guy buy for $20-$30 that will get MIDI into his laptop?
>He's currently distro shopping. Probably he'll go with Ubuntu or CCRMA.
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