[LAU] why shouldn't clients autoconnect to jack

nescivi nescivi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 17:33:25 EDT 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 14:58:38 Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:
> Without that, the other things I said would have been incredibly stupid.
> > i do agree that it would be good to define some "system aliases" so that
> > it was possible to reliably and controllably discover *which* physical
> > ports to connect to if autoconnect is going to be used.
> That sounds too complicated. Why not just add a command line option for
> jackd for selecting which client to autoconnect to?

I don't think JACK should be complicated by defining autoconnect mechanisms in 

Applications should provide the option and configuration for it.
I think the proposals given for the app to ask upon first startup (either via 
a GUI if the app has a graphical interface, or through command line interface 
if not) to the user how you want to configure the behaviour is the clearest 

The configuration dialog can suggest the first hardware ports by default, if 
that is the expected most common user case.

That way the user is aware that he can configure it, and can adapt the program 
to her needs.


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