[LAU] why shouldn't clients autoconnect to jack

Damon Chaplin damon at karuna.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Mar 24 11:44:02 EDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 19:55 +0000, Folderol wrote:

> I disagree. I use ZynAddSubFX and Rosegarden very heavily.
> Sometimes I want the sound from Zyn. only to go to the mains, sometimes
> I want it to go via jamin. The same is true for the Rosegarden audio.
> I also use external synths and very occasionally a microphone. Again
> the routes I take could be many and various.
> Each project I build has its own script for making the necessary
> connections when I run it. Autoconnect is just a nuisance to me.
> Similarly, sometimes when trying things out, I run MIDI direct from my
> external keyboard to a soft (or hard) synth. Other times I route
> through Rosegarden. I value the choice!

Yes, my idea wasn't too useful in your situation.

Maybe a better solution is to:

  1) If a variable like "JACK_SKIP_CONNECTION_SETUP" is set, the app
     just starts without connecting anything. This allows things like
     LASH and DAWs to start apps and handle connections themselves.

  2) If the variable isn't set, it shows a configuration dialog to setup
     the connections, with reasonable defaults and saved settings.
     It would have "Connect" and "Close" buttons so even here you can
     choose not to connect anything.

I think that is fairly flexible, yet allows a simple setup for
stand-alone software synths.


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