[LAU] first video from live ChucK gig w/modlys

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 05:27:20 EDT 2009

Roger wrote:

> That's excellent. Love the sounds, vocals, bass, especially melodica. 
> The balance is great, don't listen to the other criticism (I'm a sound 
> engineer)

Thanks for the kind words.

> At a club where I work regularly, we shoot cameramen who walk on the 
> stage. :)

This partucular guy was ordered (by me) to be anywhere he felt he needed 
to be for the shots he wanted. Agree it looks a bit stupid, but we plan 
on editing him out in the real video :-)

> When are you touring Australia?


When someone offers to pay our flight, so not anytime soon, I'm afraid...


http://atte.dk    http://modlys.dk

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