[LAU] use your pc as an music player (and save energy)

frank pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:35:13 EDT 2009

Arnold Krille wrote:

    On Sunday 29 March 2009 20:53:40 Justin Smith wrote:

        If by multimedia you mean audio + video I am not sure, there is
        mplayer but it does not do playlists as far as I know, for command
        line audio players there are quite a few, including xmms2 which is a
        demon that can be controlled from the command line and juke,
        which is
        an audio player with a curses frontend.

    Playlist on the commandline is one of the easier things: just add
    multiple files as arguments. mplayer is able to cope with that. And
    the < and > buttons on your keyboard let you jump back and forth

    Have fun,


Mplayer is an awesome multimedia program, and it does support playlists 
with the switch...-playlist!

So, easier than virtually any other approach GUI or CLI, just do this to 
play all Ogg Vorbis files in your PWD:

ls -1 *.ogg > ogg_playlist
mplayer -playlist ogg_playlist

and you're in business.


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