[LAU] Easy sound morphing?

Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 18:38:58 EDT 2009

hi shane,
i've done a python script to do some morphing using wavelet decomposition of
two sounds.
it was done for experimental pourposes and i liked its results very much.
you have to tweek the script a little bit to use your samples.

actually substititute s1 and s2 by your samples with
sf= A..sndfile("sound1.xxx")

and match their sizes with zeros or with wavelet coefficients already on
decomposition step.

note that it outputs different morphs of the two sounds. and that you can
remove the import pylab statement from the header as the script is not using
it. its here:


2009/3/30 shane richards <shanerich at email.com>

> I've been trying to do some sound morphs between two different hits of a
> snare drum, one rimshot and the other a plain hit.
> I tried using SMSTools, and even some windows programs under wine, but the
> results always seem to sound more like hitting a bucket full of water than a
> combination of the two drums.
> I tried csdrummer, but only get a horrible scratchy noise from it.
> I looked at Loris...the python-based example that comes with it seems
> horrifically complicated.
> Maybe someone with a knowledge of Csound/Loris could be kind enough to help
> with a simple script? Or a step-by-step how to achieve this with Cecilia?
> Are there any other programs I could try?
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