[LAU] use your pc as an music player (and safe energy)

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Tue Mar 31 10:19:59 EDT 2009

david wrote:
> Grammostola Rosea wrote:
>> david wrote:
>>> Grammostola Rosea wrote:
>>>>>>> Is there a command line multimedia music player?
>>>>>> If by multimedia you mean audio + video I am not sure, there is
>>>>>> mplayer but it does not do playlists as far as I know,
>>>>> mplayer -playlist NameOfPlaylistHere
>>>>> It supports a simple one-file-per-line playlist. An article on Linux 
>>>>> Journal says it also supports ASX, M3U and other popular playlist formats.
>>>> And is it possible to switch to, for example number 12 of the list?
>>> Sorry, I have no idea!
>> Then this is a disadvantage compared to using a gui. But isn't it 
>> possible to solve this?
> I have no idea unless there's some kind of programming interface to 
> mplayer that could be used?

I think it should be quite easy to write a bash script that reads a file list,
plays them sequentially, and responds to keyboard events for switching between
songs. 20 lines maybe?


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