[LAU] ACPI, HW and Jack issues?

shane richards shanerich at email.com
Sat May 9 03:06:27 EDT 2009

>Hi LAU,
>Right now, I'm optimizing my system for audio work, and have experienced some
>First, this is my system: Kubuntu 9.04 with 2.6.28-3-rt (noacpi nosmp (the
>system freezes w/o nosmp, possible because of the nvidia x-driver)), jack
>1.9.2 running on an Athlon64 X2 6400+, 3.2 GHz with 8 GB RAM and a MSI K9N SLI
>Platinum MB. The Soundcard is a Delta 1010 from M-Audio. All in all, a decent
>Audio HW I believe.


I had much more success by adding the 64Studio repos and using the 2.6.29 kernel - and most other stuff, actually - from hardy-backports. I've tried the ubuntu -rt kernels from both Intrepid and Jaunty 32 and 64bit and they were horrible - system lock-ups, apps crashing, sync problems, MIDI problems, zombied apps, irq problems, no smp, etc, etc, etc.

Yoy will need to compile your own NVIDIA drivers (takes 5 minutes to compile and install). You should be able to run with smp and acpi again. :)

- shane

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