[LAU] jackdmp and libjack.la (was: Jackbeat 0.7)

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Mon May 11 09:27:20 EDT 2009

Stéphane Letz wrote:
> Le 11 mai 09 à 14:43, Olivier Guilyardi a écrit :
>> Dave Phillips wrote:
>>> On Sun, 2009-05-10 at 22:45 +0200, Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
>>>> Okay, this problem should be solved in SVN.
>>> And so it is, thank you. :)
>> Glad to read that :) Thanks for your feedback.
>>>> To a certain extent one might consider the problem comes from the
>>>> jackdmp waf
>>>> build system, which doesn't provide libtool .la files, while all
>>>> packaged
>>>> libraries do provide these files.
>> [...]
>>> I've run into the same problem when trying to build the latest MusE 1.0
>>> rc2. It gets to the link stage and fails because of missing libjack.la.
>>> If anyone from the MusE development group reads this perhaps they too
>>> can reconsider their use of libtool.
>> Well, every single autoconf/automake-based software which builds a shared
>> library for internal or external use, normally uses libtool. Thus, I
>> think that
>> the fact that jackdmp doesn't provide libjack.la is a bug.
>> I'm CC'ing Stéphane Letz. Although I don't know how to do it, I
>> suppose that you
>> can make .la files with waf, since it claim(ed) to support libtool
>> emulation.
>> -- 
>>  Olivier
> What is the libjack.la  file supposed to contain? and what is it for?

.la files are files generated and used by libtool to link a shared library with
another library. These files actually contains a small amount of textual
meta-data for libtool to decide how linking should be performed. They do not
replace .so or .a files, they complement them in the libtool world.

In other terms, every autoconf/automake based software which builds a shared
library which is itself linked with libjack, normally uses libtool and thus
requires libjack.la to be present. This includes applications (such as Muse I
presume) which build convenient internal shared libraries.

I suggest that you ask on the waf-users google group how to make an .la file,
they know what this is all about.


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