[LAU] pulseaudio issues [was Re: jackdbus issues: a workaround ? (Was: more jack/qjackctl madness)]

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Fri May 22 19:13:14 EDT 2009

> Paul Davis wrote:
> Its not politics. Its the lack of politics. There are no leaders with
> any power to enforce any decisions. There is no police authority to
> identify people who fail to comply with "joint decisions". There is no
> justice system to punish or expel those who do. This is an anarchistic
> meritocracy, and yes, its harder to get system infrastructure
> developed in this environment than in a system like windows or OS X
> where a single person can say "it shall be thus". thats good, and its
> bad.

This actually paints quite a good picture of the situation since the truth may be worse. The lack of a single leadership to direct developments is that Linux has become unbelievably segmented to the point where it is no longer a single operating system - it is several tens of them. They all position themselves under the same umbrella but the feature sets, libraries, maintenance capabilities are very, very diverse to the point where the only commonality is the name.

As Paul says, roughly, its anarchy. If you like that then work with it but don't expect things to be easy for a long time, if ever. If you like it then accept having your computer right on the edge of stability since you will be mixing applications/drivers that work on one distribution and 'almost' work on another and some of these have to work together which is a very big demand/expectation. If you don't like that idea then there are other operating systems available, just put your money on the table. Life is full of choices and what goes into and out of your wallet is one of them but don't expect any of those choices to be correct. If it were that simple there would only be a single OS and it would probably not be called something as generic as Linux for the simple reason that Linux is no longer 'one' OS.

Regards, and power to your debuging tools.

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