[LAU] [FFADO-user] [ffado] Recommend FireWire Hardware from the Following

Scott lau at troutpocket.org
Sat May 30 14:27:17 EDT 2009

Jonathan Creasy wrote:
> I'm very satisfied with my Audiofire 12 and from what I remember reading the
> FFADO developers were happy with the cooperation they got on that line of
> hardware.

Seconded.  My AF12 has been solid for a year now.  I'm using the Ricoh R5C832 chipset 
without any troubles.  I accidentally left it running in the studio one night and came 
in the next morning to find it was still recording... for 8 hours!  With no XRuns.  Of 
course it was just recording 8 tracks of nothing, but still.


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