[LAU] DVDs and Ubuntu 9.10

nepal nepal.roade at mypostoffice.co.uk
Sun Nov 1 07:07:45 EST 2009

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 16:57:03 -0700
Bob van der Poel <bob at mellowood.ca> wrote:

> Hi guys. I know this is a bit off topic, but I'm getting frustrated
> beyond belief trying to get reasonable results from my DVD drives with
> a newly installed ubuntu 9.10
> The drives are both connected to a PATA interface (the only one on the
> MB). My hard drives are all SATA.
> All worked just fine on previous MBs and linux versions. Lastly had
> Ubuntu 8.04 running.
> My problem is that I know have very jerky video playback and slow
> seeks and crashes. I've tried mplayer, totem and vlc. Vcl seems to
> work best, but it's no star on this system.
> I've tried uninstalling pulseaudio, but that makes no difference.
> I've done a lot of reading of similar problems, but nothing seems to
> vector in on this. The ubuntu forms haven't been much help either ...
> just a lot of suggestions on trying different players, and installing
> libcss2, etc. That doesn't seem to be the problem.
> My guess is that it's a IRQ or DMA problem. I have no idea how to
> diagnose this or fix.
> So ... any ideas here????
The only suggestion I can come up with is in the past with 'weird'
problems of playback to check what dvd device is being pointed to in
the settings. i.e. /dev/dvd. 

Note I have kubuntu 9.10 installed on a separate partition and am using
ubuntu 9.04 here. This works fine but I have issues with nvidia and
9.10 that I have not solved yet. One thing I am going to try is using
the xorg.conf file from 9.04 for the 9.10 installation see if that
helps, but I would check your /dev first. Had lots of problems in the
past because of that not being named correctly. (and no sorry, I don't
know what it should be) mine here according to vlc is 


which I am surprised to find. But vlc plays everything without
problems so...


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