[LAU] Prog rock instrumental, sort-of WIP

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Sun Nov 1 07:56:39 EST 2009

Ken Restivo wrote:
>> Hi Lutz
>> Thanks for listening and commenting, hope you don't mind me pinging my 
>> reply via the list as well.
>> I'm glad you like it. I plan on diving back in, but be warned I'm a very 
>> slow worker -- being a frustrated perfectionist is no help in getting 
>> things done quickly either :D
>> I've posted this over on the KVR Audio forum as well and someone there 
>> suggested going into a heavier, more rocking section. Sadly, the two 
>> loud sections are probably about as heavy as I get -- there will be 
>> further loud/heavyish segments but none more loud (my 11 is too quiet!). 
>> I also have a bit of an aversion to straightahead/"real" rock. You have 
>> made me think, though, that a loud section might be a wise move, going 
>> loud/loud rather than always alternating loud/quiet.
>> I was really pleased at how smoothly and natural-feeling the 13/8 
>> section turned out. Ever since I learnt what a buchimish was (it's a 
>> Bulgarian dance), I've wanted to do something in that rhythm. It's 
>> actually 15/16 time rather than 15/8: 2+2+2+2+3+2+2, or as I count 
>> things taka taka taka taka takita taka taka
> Very cool rhythm. Most of the Bulgarian stuff I've heard is in what I thought was 7/4; perhaps it was in this 15/16.
> I did one some years ago in 5+5+2 (with a turnaround in 5/4 + 5/4 + 9/8 every few measures):
> http://www.restivo.org/blog/podpress_trac/web/96/0/552-0.2.3.ogg
> Fun with Hydrogena and Ardour. Could you imagine trying to describe to a real drummer: "Now, this song is in....."?
> -ken

The wikipedia page on Bulgarian dances has quite a list of them


Most of them seem to be in 16 time, so I guess they have a lot of fast, 
energetic dances. Several are in 8 time though.

That's a very interesting groove in that piece of yours, I enjoyed that.

I suppose it depends on your definition of real drummer. I'm sure 
someone like Bruford would be okay with it and then there's the whole 
math rock genre...


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