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You are a sophisticated and expressive composer. You could post the 
lyrics/melody somewhere, perhaps someone on the list could sing them for 

You get a decent tone from your recorder. It has a plastic tone to me, 
though. Is it plastic? Makes me wonder how it would sound on a wooden 

Oleg Ivanenko wrote:
> Stephen, you are felt this piece very precisely. I'm very glad to read
> about your feelings. I had not expected this yet. So, I had succeed.
> "I Flying" born as song. I made a lyrics for it and even tried to sing
> it but without success :( I'm not a singer unfortunately. Properly, I
> can sing more simple songs but not this one. More songs from me at
> ftp://freemusic-project.ru/Ash/ I should warn all songs very different
> -- I hate similarity.
> You absolutely right about The Eagles and Hotel California :))) I
> notice it too at early stages of creation and try to mask it. Sequence
> of chords(especially at the beginning of piece) very similar but tune
> completely different.
> And, You know, I have bad eyesight too :)
> 2009/11/2 Stephen Stubbs <theother1510 at sbcglobal.net>:
>> ________________________________
>> Hi, all!
>> I've recently finished long-awaited(for me) instrumental composition
>> (http://www.archive.org/download/IFlying/Ash_Ya_Lechu_I_Flying_986.mp3)
>> and need your opinions about it. If you please, tell me about my
>> composition/arrangement/performance/mastering etc mistakes. Sorry for
>> my English :)
>> Hello Oleg.  Your English is excellent.
>> I've been listening to this piece over and over; that's not something that I
>> usually do.  "I Flying" is saying something, but I haven't yet figured out
>> what it is saying.  A very complex composition.  Congratulations, Well Done!
>> I think it's important to know a little background about the person
>> reviewing your work, so that you know what their biases are.
>> I'm a vocalist, coming from bass cleff, brass instrument school training
>> (baritone, trombone, and tuba.)  As a vocalist, I focus entirely on the
>> words.  As an ex-bass cleff brass player, my next focus is on the counter
>> melody.  My final focus is on the melody.  I'm also sound oriented rather
>> than visual oriented (I have bad eyesight.)
>> There's another follower of this list who is most definitely visually
>> oriented.  I hope he will listen to this piece and give us his visual
>> interpretation of the work.  For now, here's my sound interpretation:
>> The feel of this piece first had me thinking of Hotel California by The
>> Eagles.  Then it started moving into a feel of Stairway to Heaven by Led
>> Zepplin.  Then it shifted into something completely different, with the
>> ending coming as a total surprise to me with that final guitar 'scream'.
>> (One of the best reproductions of a human scream done with a guitar that
>> I've ever heard.)
>> As for the recorder in the piece, leave it in.  It sets a feeling that the
>> guitar picks up and elaborates on.   I like the dialog between guitar and
>> bass guitar, with the bass guitar picking up the feeling from the guitar at
>> around 1:22.
>> The guitar shifts into its own 'intense' feeling at 1:40.  At 2:33 the
>> recorder tries to regain control and calmness.  But to no avail, as the
>> guitar reasserts itself at 3:00 and then proceeds to take listener by the
>> heart and jump off a cliff!
>> As I said, 'I Flying' is telling a story--saying something.  I wasn't
>> exactly sure when I first heard it what the message was.  But there is no
>> question its message is something with very strong emotional impact.  Your
>> later comments about how your life had recently had sorrow in it is giving
>> me clue.
>> Please post more of your work.  Thank you,
>> Stephen

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