[LAU] Fluidsynth, soundfonts, jack, and latency

Guru Prasad B. R. prasadbrg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 06:12:30 EST 2009

jurgen wrote:
> did you check the AVLinux forum?

No, I haven't, as of yet....

This is because it wasn't clear to me whether this is an OS issue. The 
tricky thing here is that I changed 2 major things at the same time: the 
OS, and the way Qsynth was utilised (as in, 3 engines instead of 1, many 
more soundfonts, some never tried before, sometimes 3 running 
concurrently, in the backdrop of heavy CPU usage). And I've noticed this 
new phenomenon, and don't know which change to attribute it to.

OTOH, even if the OS is doing something in the background and causing 
the delay, isn't the onus of at least reporting it (as an xrun/lost 
note/dropped packet... sorry,  don't know the right term) upon the 
application (in this case, qjackctl/qsynth)?

One more thing: I noticed that with 3 qsynth engines running together, 
not all would show up in the qjackctl connections window at startup. I'd 
have to restart 1 or more, and this was a dicey thing: sometimes 
happens, sometimes doesnt, for the same setup, upon restarting the jack 

Which is why I'm a little more suspicious about the apps rather than the 
OS... but I am open about this. If it is a good idea, then I will check 
on the AVLinux forums as well.


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