[LAU] Advice on Multiple Volume Settings

Kenneth Jacker khj at cs.appstate.edu
Mon Nov 2 08:43:34 EST 2009

It is with considerable regret and much embarrassment that I am
only now writing regarding all the posted responses to my *ancient*
(2009 Aug 19!) query!   :(

I really *do* appreciate all the suggestions from many of this
ML's members.

Overall, it appears that the situation is quite complex:
volume, hardware/software, s/n ratio, distortion, DACs, etc.

I.e., no easy answer or "best practice".

These comments, however, seemed to stand out:

 | Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey at boosthardware.com>
 |  Either way I find I am constantly adjusting the levels 
 |   to meet the situation.


 | Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de>
 |  You actually want to set all the volumes apart from the last one
 |   to a high value.

Time permitting, I intend to re-read all the comments and try to
decide on just what approach I will take.

Again, sorry for the long delay, and *thanks* for all those who took
the time to share their experiences with me and the ML!


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