[LAU] plugin for RIAA eq?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Nov 3 04:34:33 EST 2009

On Monday 02 November 2009 21:58:16 Josh Lawrence wrote:
> I'm looking to record some albums into Ardour.  I have a hardware
> phono preamp that does the secret-squirrel RIAA eq stuff, but it's
> very flaky.  Is there a simple insert-it-and-forget-it eq for record
> players?

I think there is/was a preset for jamin for this floating on the web or even 
inside the jamin distribution-package...

Oh, I like the old GDR record-players which had the correcting pre-amp built-
in. Just connect them to any line connector and you are set.

Have fun,

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