[LAU] Fluidsynth, soundfonts, jack, and latency

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Nov 3 04:51:12 EST 2009

Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:

> 2.  Very heavy use of my motherboard sound system with ACPI engaged in 
> the kernel.  I turned off ACPI in the kernel, my latency dived, 
> performance rose, and ALSA confusion vanished.

Interesting, I decided I'd try that (turn off ACPI), but then I had 
absolutely no sound. JACK saw the external sound card, but no sound came 
from it. And the system didn't see the laptop's built-in Intel sound 
hardware, either - so no sound there.

So it's back to ACPI on and 64msec latency. Probably the best I can get 
without a RT kernel. When I tried this using the Music 2 beta DVD, which 
runs a RT kernel, I got sound but any latency setting below 64msec 
contributed overruns to the experience of playing Zyn.

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