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Hey Bengt,

thanks for the help, though this far I haven't revealed any error, I'll keep

2009/11/5 Bengt Gördén <bengan at bag.org>

> I did try. At first I got about 1.1MB and it stoped. After that I turned on
> wireshark and did a wget. The first attempte did succeed. The second did
> stop.
> I did a few tests after that and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
> It
> seems that you have (or your upstream ISP) have bursts of packet loss. The
> first working download I had was with packet loss and several resend
> (20-30)
> in the middle of the session. The one that stops didn't have any resend at
> all. There might be several causes to this. I would start with looking at
> the
> interface but as this is a vm it is probably a problem. If you run your own
> dom0 (hypervisor or whatever. hopefully you have a dom0 that isn't closed
> source or weird) do check the interface (real one). and see if it has some
> sort of errors. Actually. Test it anyway whether you have access to dom0 or
> not. It wount hurt.
> ifconfig eth0 (change eth0 to your interface)
> or, better if your interface is supported by ethtool.
> sudo ethtool -S eth0
> If you can't do that talk to your upstream provider. Last resort would be
> to
> talk to your your fellow vm:ers on the same machine to see if they have the
> same problem.
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