[LAU] status usb2 for sound

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Thu Nov 5 10:07:18 EST 2009

> USB1 works OK with ALSA but what is the status for USB*2*-Soundcards?
I guess this makes me think: what about the new USB 3.0? This morning I 
was reading that the kernel shipped with the new version of Ubuntu 
supports the standard, and new devices should start to be on the 
market... From what I've read there should be a great improvement in 
speed (as usual one has to understand what is media and market hype and 
what is the real performance)

Could this at last free linux (but not only them) musician from 
expensive an usually-badly-supported firewire cards?

I guess only time will tell :)

Kind regards,

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