[LAU] status usb2 for sound

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Sat Nov 7 16:15:07 EST 2009


>> Just in case you haven't noticed: Firewire is dead. The number of
>> devices with a firewire port is decreasing rapidly.
>> I wouldn't advocate Firewire devices anymore for new buyers.
> But there are no alternatives. USB1 is to slow, USB2 has no (widely accepted) 
> standard. USB3 has no devices yet, don't know whether it defines a standard.

Nobody is interested in the linux market, and on the Mac and PC market
the firewire ports are vanishing rapidly. It doesn't take long and the
firewire devices vanish as well from the market.

The manufacturers for medium sized boxes (<64 channels) seem to be
switching to USB. And for higher channel numbers, there are other solutions.

> The only alternative for higher channel counts is a pci(-express) device from 
> rme. And these don't work with laptops...

You can use all Hammerfall IO Boxes and the MADIface with Notebooks.
With the MADIface I hava 64 channels IO in under 1.5kg.

I know that you love your firewire stuff. But you should accept that
it's at a dead end.

Machines can do the work, so people have time to think.
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