[LAU] A little piece in Swedish

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Sun Nov 8 06:42:22 EST 2009

> It's somekind of newage swedish punk/progg. Hot off the plate.

Hi Robert,

This song does have the amazing feeling of a live band. The work on the
snare is perfect.

And so is the initial idea as well. Having the snare for the verses works
beautifully. It adds the balanced amount of variation. and generally, the
drum work is spot on.

The same stands for the guitars. They are cool, warm, exciting - the kind of
feeling which makes a young person to want to learn that instrument to be
able to play these sounds. You should be proud of it.

The arrangement is well thought of. It builds masterfully, the parts are
laid out naturally.

And again, the overall balance and panning of instruments in the mix is done
with real care and to the benefit of our ears.

 Well done!

Viktor Mastoridis
& Educator
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