[LAU] Re : zyn/yoshimi on EEE netbook

cal cal at graggrag.com
Mon Nov 9 22:11:05 EST 2009

Josh Lawrence wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 8:41 PM, cal <cal at graggrag.com> wrote:
>> I'd be inclined to try turning hyperthreading off. It isn't going to help, and
>> can certainly make things worse.
> well, after poking around the bios, they don't allow you to turn that
> option off.  crap...
bummer indeed!
>> Quite possibly true. If the cpu simply can't keep up the pace required, it
>> simply ain't gonna work. However, silent, catastrophic failure isn't a polite
>> way for the app to handle the situation. I'm interested in improving that,
>> especially with regard to "zombies at every patch switch".
> ok, and if that's what the final word is, then I'm just going to have
> to be OK with that.  however, I'm curious - when I avoid jack
> altogether and just run the app using ALSA only, patch switches work
> just dandy.  obviously that really outside the bounds of what you're
> trying to do (improve jack), but I'm less inclined to believe that the
> processor is at fault - if it was, wouldn't the whole thing bomb out,
> regardless if I'm using ALSA or jack?
No, that's exactly what I'd like to address. Jack does what it does (and very
well too!), but if the app (zyn/yoshi) doesn't conform to jack's requirements,
things aren't going to go well. So yoshi does need to improve the way it relates
to jack, especially during it's "private moments" such as patch changes.  

> IANAP, b/t/w.  :)
Very few of us are if the truth were admitted :-).

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