[LAU] yoshimi records

cal cal at graggrag.com
Wed Nov 11 15:06:14 EST 2009

Folderol wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Nov 2009 21:50:13 +1100
> cal <cal at graggrag.com> wrote:
>> ... maybe. I've gotten Record to the point where it hasn't done anything violent
>> to me for a while, but it still has plenty of potential for unexpected
>> shortcomings. The story so far ... 
> <snip>
> Just had a quick look at this.
> Recording 'In Search Of The Lost Tribes' works perfectly, and shows
> virtually no increase in processor usage to just running it.
> Oddity
> Sometimes when making second or third recordings there is a short snatch
> of sound at the start. Is this perhaps a buffer not flushed?
Possibly, but also possibly related to the the threaded fftw3 usage (which
I'm about to eliminate).

> Problem
> We seem to have the 'can't load parameters' back again, but this time I
> can't work out what has caused it - same symptoms.
Most strange. I thought I did actually test that when I added your fix to
the 'Record' branch.

Sorry for the inconvenience, leave it with me for a bit.


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