[LAU] open hw soundcard (was Re: status usb2 for sound)

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Wed Nov 11 15:33:26 EST 2009

Maybe I am something missing, but what about the clock synchronization?
It would be nice to allow synchronization of several devices via the
network connection. This transport medium typically has a lot of jitter
(even an unloaded gigabit system can be above 50µsec), however, the
jitter of typical AD/DA converters should be in the order of
nanoseconds. And in the case of several devices, how is it possible to
compensate the absolute delay? All devices should be in phase, with a
deterministic inter-device delay.

If it is only a single device it should be possible to use netjack: Then
it behaves as a small host with its own sound card, and running jack
with netjack_client (or whatever it ins called in recent versions). Any
remote PC can run jack with the net backend to connect. Well, with
netjack for jack0.116.2 the connection request is made from the other
direction, in this case the open sound card, but connect requests could
be triggered via OSC. And Netjack2 for jack2 seems to work completely

Best regards,


Karl Hammar wrote:
> Ken Restivo:
> ...
>> But the thought of a hardware audio interface that talks NetJACK
>> natively, however, is really intriguing. Use OSC to control the
>> interface....
> ...
> I took a quick look at OSC [1] and NetJACK [2]. It would be good if
> we could made that happen.
> What will the hardware requirements for thoose be?
> OSC seems simple, but NetJACK?
> I suppose it will need an alsa driver?
> Regards,
> /Karl
> [1] http://opensoundcontrol.org/
> [2] http://netjack.sourceforge.net/
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