Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Fri Nov 13 03:09:07 EST 2009

Fritz Meissner wrote:
> Pulseaudio is also aware that the sample rate is now 96 kHz instead of
> 44.1, but shows the sample size as 16 bit instead of 24 bit.

In advanced more, 24 bits is the only format.

> It does seem that the system does not entirely understand the advanced
> mode if you look at the following output from lsusb -v :
>       ** UNRECOGNIZED:  0b 24 02 01 02 03 18 01 00 77 01

lsusb does not understand it because the device must pretend to be a
vendor-specific class to prevent the Windows 98 USB audio driver from
blowing up when seeing a 24-bit device.

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