[LAU] open hw soundcard (was Re: status usb2 for sound)

Karl Hammar karl at aspodata.se
Fri Nov 13 08:55:14 EST 2009

> Karl Hammar wrote:
> > In [5], they seem to get <10us offset from a master within 2minutes
> > converging time. [6] gives a little different picture.
> You can get much better performance than that.

Ok, pointers?

> >> It would be nice to allow synchronisation of several devices via the
> >> network connection. This transport medium typically has a lot of jitter
> >> (even an unloaded gigabit system can be above 50µsec), however, the
> >> jitter of typical AD/DA converters should be in the order of
> >> nanoseconds.
> > Do you (or anyone else) know the maximum allowable jitter useful for
> > audio?
> It is defined in AES-3.

Hmm, their complete standard set is USD500 [1], so someone else has 
to help with that information.

I think my part in this will be to make the cpu part and a rudimentary
8-channel card. Then someone else has to provide expertise to make it 


[1] http://www.aes.org/publications/standards/

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