[LAU] yoshimi records

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Nov 15 21:25:18 EST 2009

cal wrote:
> Folderol wrote:
>> [ ... ]
>> How difficult would
>> it be to make it only start recording when the sound starts (like the
>> old Zyn. one did)? With a lot of my work this would completely eliminate
>> the need for any post editing.
> My initial reaction was "Yeah, I'll have one of them too!", but the noises
> from the netbook crowd became a significant distraction. A productive one
> though, I do believe. It led to some exploration of rwlocks.
> Lightly tested, but promising. Expect anything. 
> 0.039 record autostart added, xruns disciplined
> <http://www.graggrag.com/yoshimi/yoshimi-0.039.tar.bz2>

Sounds like fun!

Totally OT, but the subject line sounds like a good name for a record label.

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