[LAU] Damn Ubuntu 9.10 update

Marco Castorina marco.castorina at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 16 05:09:59 EST 2009

Dear all,
 sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy between studying and house maintenance.
First of all thank you everybody for your answers.
I was actually launching the older version of the kernel, and this was messing up modules
loaded. Everything is working fine now, except that I get more xruns using Jack than before.
I'm actually using the standard kernel (2.6.31-14) and Jack 1.9.3.
Maybe I'll give Jack 0.117 a try or using a custom RT kernel, seeing if I can fix the problem.
I'll make some experiments and let you know.
I hope also to post my song soon.

Thanks again!


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