[LAU] ubuntu 9.10 RT and Jack

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Mon Nov 16 16:45:29 EST 2009

On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 15:39:11 -0600
Gary Morgan <gmorgan777 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've asked about this on the ubuntu forums to little avail...just wondering
> what you guys might think. Far from a professor of linux audio, but I'm
> getting more and more into it.
> I've built a couple basic machines from scratch recently, amd dual cores w/
> 2gb of memory. Not wanting to spend the extra dough on a nice sound card +
> interface yet, I settle with just using chipset sound. The 9.10 and 9.04
> vanilla kernels have worked for me pretty well using Jack, but if I whenever
> I try to get the RT working, all kinds of problems show up: insane amounts
> of Xruns just as Jack starts up, Ardour can't connect, and processor ends up
> using half its resources to stay running. Needless to say, recording is not
> really possible.
> This is after tweaking memlocks, nice %s , buffers and so on.
> I know that chipset sound, is not a very efficient recording interface, but
> it seems there is more going on, besides that.
> I have two main questions here (they sum up to: how much of this is the
> chipset?)
> a. i had heard here and there in forums that the RT kernel in 9.04 and on
> was 'broken'. is that true?
> b. Is RT only worth using for higher end machines with more ram and separate
> sound cards?
> And one more: Would anyone recommend using a different audio OS for this
> situation, like 64 studio? (i might have mentioned jacklab, but it seems
> that project has been killed)
> Im hoping someone can help settle my curiosity here......

Try 64studio 3(beta). This works very well for me on a dual core
athlon. However, I do also have a 2496 sound card. Personally, I've not
found any of the plain ubuntu offerings stable enough. 

Incidentally, it looks like we may end up going straight from there to
4 actually :o

Will J Godfrey
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