[LAU] [fluid-dev] Fwd: Re: Fluidsynth, soundfonts, jack, and latency

Guru Prasad prasadbrg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 22:43:48 EST 2009

Thanks, everyone, for the replies...

Quoting David Henningsson <launchpad.web at epost.diwic.se>:
>> So to sum this up I think there is not one scapegoat here, but many:
>> 1) FluidSynth could have better protection against many notes starting
>> at the same time, but that requires some redesign unfortunately
>> 2) Jack could handle timing errors better, so things do not crash when
>> it happens
>> 3) You could configure fluidsynth's polyphony to limit FluidSynth's CPU
>> usage
>> // David
> David, this appears to be a reasonable summary. It does appear that the
issue is not solely with fluidsynth, but the way fluidsynth and jack
integrate with one another. Are such shortcomings inevitable in the "do 1
thing but do it well" philosophy of linux apps (I hope not!) ? For instance,
it does appear unlikely that this would happen in an 'all-purpose'
applicaton like Apple's Logic Pro, for example...

> This sounds like it could be a good focus of the next major version of
> FluidSynth.
>  I would love to see that, Josh. For those of us who use linux in live
performances, it can't happen soon enough!

And thanks, Pedro, for forwarding my message to the fluid-dev list. I'd be
happy if constructive improvements follow as a consequence!

I will perform the stress test under the standardized/simplified conditions
that you describe, and get back to you. More about that in the next post....

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