[LAU] OT: online music promition/what do you think of bandcamp?

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Tue Nov 17 19:17:14 EST 2009

Ken Restivo <ken at restivo.org> writes:

> Apple is the market-maker in online music; everyone else is just the
> tail. Apple has-- perhaps unsurprisingly given their history-- figured
> out that the way to get people to pay for stuff that is free, is to
> engineer the user-friendliness topography such that paying is faster,
> easier, and that it presents fewer hurdles than not-paying. Very
> clever, actually

Well, they still suck. I actually would buy some videos and music if I
could actually get the same quality files as those released on medium.

As far as I know, this doesn't exist anywhere. There's no place I could
go and buy electronically a CD or a DVD/Blu-ray and actually get the
pure thing without any hassles or copy protection or whatever.

I've searched alot for this actually and found some crappy stores,
either selling MP3 or jumping through so god damn many hoops that I'd
rather just wait until I find a torrent for it. 

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