[LAU] OT: online music promition/what do you think of bandcamp?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Nov 18 02:46:02 EST 2009

nescivi wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 November 2009 19:05:23 Esben Stien wrote:
>> nescivi <nescivi at gmail.com> writes:
>>> Doesn't solve the issue with [..] YouTube
>> Actually, gnash has been working for years with youtube. It just stopped
>> 1 week ago, because youtube changed the player to version 10 or
>> something. Gnash played it, but it did have audio glitches on quite a
>> few videos.
>> If it is an important video, you can use youtube-dl or cclive, which
>> just downloads the video. Then you can watch it with any media player,
>> like mplayer.
> I'm actually not so much into YouTube (I guess I missed the hype when it 
> became popular, as I was on a phone-line internet connection), but 
> occasionally there's some private videos on FaceBook that I'd like to see... 
> (and since the latest FaceBook doesn't work with Konqueror, which has less 
> problems with showing videos than Iceweasel...)...
> Are there tools for downloading these videos too?

Firefox extension Download Helper supports a whole pile of such sites - 
but not Facebook. Sorry. Don't know about cclive, but it looks like 
clive doesn't support Facebook videos, either.

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