[LAU] Zyn not recognised

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Wed Nov 18 06:52:02 EST 2009

Marco Castorina <marco.castorina at yahoo.it> writes:

> Actually I don't have the turtles file for them in none of the two files.
> Even if I try to add them manually, the host doesn't get them.

Rescan should add them. It enumerates all plugins and filters them.
If zynspect sees the plugin then it is probably a filtering problem.
I can imagine two approaches to fixing this probem. Depending on your
skills, you can wait for me to create some kind of verbose scan mode or
you can uncomment some print calls in the python code by yourself.

BTW, have you built zynjacku with dynparam support? As it is
autodetected at configure time, the question could also be: Have you
built lv2dynparam1 before building zynjacku?

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