[LAU] Jamming over WiFi?

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Thu Nov 19 04:53:12 EST 2009


> Talk to Torben Hohn, he is the main force behind netjack and made quite
> some improvements to it very recently.
> A couple of days ago Paul Davis (in the US) and Torben (in Germany)
> played around with netjack. Paul played some music in ardour, Torben
> routed it back to Paul, and there was little delay.
> This was Transatlantic and with wifi at Torbens end.

In the described situation you would have five wireless clients. Unless
they are using different frequencies each, your latency will go down due
to collisions.

For a situation like that you would use standard UHF gear with some nice
diversity receivers.

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