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Nedko Arnaudov <nedko at arnaudov.name> writes:

> After recent discussion on IRC I'm loosing faith in whether it is
> worth to contribute to linux audio session handling/management. [..]
> Also it was mentioned that D-Bus is not what users find acceptable for
> controlling jack server.

I appreciate your efforts and I think many others do as well. It's
obvious that a bus framework is part of the final solution. In order for
our way of thought, the small components doing small things, to work, we
need controlling components that talk to eachother. This makes our
component infrastructure appear more integrated and we can avoid bloated

The D stands for Desktop in D-Bus. That's really bad marketing. D-Bus is
f.ex an integral part of making the different core components of the
free Neo Freerunner phone talk together. I'm a die hard console junkie
and view xorg as just another application. I also feel that any
application that doesn't separate its core from its ui is an example of
bad software engineering and must be replaced or fixed at all cost;).

In GNOME itself, the N for network, has sadly lost its significance for
many. I think D-Bus is great as long as it's not inherently attached to
a "Desktop", which is also not the case, because on the bus, there is no
discrimination. It's a general bus and I think every application should
be on such a bus. It allows us to develop a more or less intelligent
system. Stuff like HAL in 2001 would never have worked without such a

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