[LAU] "Swissonic Easy USB" anyone?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 24 06:35:30 EST 2009

Clemens Ladisch hat gesagt: // Clemens Ladisch wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> > while browsing Thomann myself, I stumbled accross the "Swissonic Easy USB"
> > http://www.thomann.de/de/swissonic_easy_usb.htm which seems to be a USB 2.0
> > version of a similar Firewire device (also available branded as Phonic).
> "USB 2.0" does not necessarily mean "high speed".  However, with 24 bits
> at 96 kHz, full duplex would require high speed.

I did a bit more research: The device seems to be a re-branded "Phonic Firefly
202 USB". The Swissonic's power supply still sports the "Phonic" logo according 
to Thomann's package shots like:

Phonic has a page for its device including a downloadable PDF manual:

According to that, driver installation is needed for Win and Mac. It also seems
to be full duplex at 96/24 so it probably requires high speed USB. Changing any
settings like samplerate must be controlled by the host computer. It is
unclear, if the device supports bitdepths other that 24 bit, like e.g. 16 bit. 

> > Has anyone any experience with this device?
> Never heard of it.
> It might work out of the box, or it might have the same problems as
> other high speed USB audio devices.
> You know the only way to find this out.  ;-)

Hehe, indeed I know. :) But I'm not in such a need for a new device, although
the price is very tempting (probably the cheapest way to get balanced in/outs
so far) and Thomann would take it back if it doesn't work without asking
questions. Well, maybe someone else is more curious ...


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