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I only just stumbled over this... Only one day left! Too bad that this
has not been announced on the linuxaudio.org lists before.

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Subject: reminder: Music and Science Fiction CD: deadline approaching

Hi there,

I just wanted to remind you that the deadline for entries to the Music
and Science Fiction CD is rapidly approaching.

If you would like to submit something, and have not done so already,
please email your piece to: science.fiction.music.cd at gmail.com as per
the below guidelines by 25 November 2009.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

best wishes,

Honor Harger

PS.  Please don't email your submissions to my personal email address.
They should go to science.fiction.music.cd at gmail.com

Music and Science Fiction: call for submissions

A new music compilation CD, produced by Maison d'Ailleurs (museum of
Science Fiction in Switzerland), is now accepting submissions. The CD
will be produced in 5600 copies, distributed for free with the music
magazine Vibrations in March 2010, to accompany a Music and Science
Fiction exhibition at the museum.
The submission deadline is 25 November 2009.

About the exhibition

Maison d'Ailleurs is staging an exhibition about Music and Science
Fiction from March 6th to August 1st 2010, which will explore the way
that Science Fiction has permeated music genres.  Not only has Science
Fiction been linked to technological innovation in musical instruments
since the theremin, but thanks to its metaphorical potential, Science
Fiction narratives and images have been widely used by musicians, from
Sun Ra to Magma, Kraftwerk to Carl Craig, Louis and Bebe Barron to

About the CD

We thought it was high time to reflect on the many contemporary
connections between music and Science Fiction, by asking musicians to
come up with new projects inspired by the aesthetics, narratives or
sounds of the genre. Submissions can relate to the field in many ways,
including but not limited to.
- works which use Science Fiction related instruments (such as the
theremin, moog, mellotron)
- works which include sonic interpretation of ideas or sounds from
Science Fiction
- works which relate to Science Fiction narratives

Notes on the producers

Maison d'Ailleurs (House of Elsewhere) is a museum dedicated to
Science Fiction, Utopia and Extraordinary Journeys. It was founded in
1976 in Yverdon-
les-Bains (Switzerland) by French encyclopedist Pierre Versins. It is
a non-profit foundation functioning both as a public museum and a
specialized research center. -> http://www.ailleurs.ch

Vibrations is an independent Swiss music magazine published in French
and widely distributed in Switzerland and France: ->

This record is curated by Honor Harger (r a d i o q u a l i a),
Patrick J. Gyger (Maison d'Ailleurs), Horace Perret (O Musique) and
Joel Vacheron (Vibrations).

Specifications and info

* The submission deadline is 25 November, 2009.
* All genres accepted.
* We ask each band/performer to submit 1 song only for review. Only
finalized tracks, please (no demos, unfinished, work in progress,
* Only previously unreleased tracks.
* Submissions should ideally be no longer than 8 minutes, and shorter
tracks are encouraged.
* If your submission is accepted, we'll send you a contract granting
us the use of the track for the 5600 CD print run. Once the CD is no
longer available (probably around the end of the exhibition, in August
2010), all rights of the tracks revert to you.
* The CD will be distributed free with 4600 copies of the Vibrations
Magazine in Switzerland. A further 1000 copies of the magazine with
the CDs will be produced to be sold in the museum during the show.
* Each band/performer appearing on the CD will receive 20 copies of
the CD to sell or distribute free.
* Each band/performer appearing on the CD will be paid 100 Euros for
their track. No other royalties will be paid on the sale of the CD.
* If your submission is accepted, you'll be asked to send us an AIF
file of the tracks and all the relevant information (title, composer,
etc.) before January 10th, 2010. If you fail to do so, we won't be
able to include your contribution.


7th October 2009: call for submission launched
25 November 2009: deadline for submissions
10 December 2009: notification from selection panel sent to accepted
10 January 2010: final deadline to receive mastered tracks and all
relevant information, as well as signed contract.
15 January 2010: CD production launched
6th March 2010: opening of the exhibition and release of the CD with
the magazine

How To Submit Your Entries

* We will only accept submission via the internet.  The email address
to send your submission to is: science.fiction.music.cd at gmail.com
* Please put the word "Submission" in your email header, along with
your last name and the title of your song.
* We prefer submissions in the MP3 audio format
* If you have MP3 files which are too large to send by email, we
suggest starting a free MP3 hosting account at: http://last.fm and
email us the link to your file.
* No hard copies (CDs, etc.), please.


Museum of science fiction, utopia
and extraordinary journeys
PO Box, CH-1401 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
ph: +41 24.425.64.38, fax: +41 24.425.65.75
maison at ailleurs.ch

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

honor harger

present location: berlin .de

email: honor at va.com.au
phone: +49 1744500718

-> w e b
bio: http://www.radioqualia.net/honor

-> w o r k
guest curator of transmediale.10: http://www.transmediale.de

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r a d i o q u a l i a: http://www.radioqualia.net

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