[LAU] Re : Midi sound Snafu

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 26 02:43:00 EST 2009

 My friend
> told me how to set up a bash 
> file (or whatever it's called) to start Jack and
> it starts on the command 
> line. But I'm a command line dummy amd I can't type
> So I would like to know how 
> to set up Jack through ths jack controle graphically.

I think the first step would be to use qjackctl, which is the most common graphical control interface for jackd, to get an idea whether jack starts up correctly and to set the best parameters for your friend's setup, i.e. is he adressing the correct sound device, are other processes running occupying the sound device. With a message output from qjackctl we could probably of more help.



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