[LAU] thanks for Yoshimi

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Nov 27 05:06:21 EST 2009

cal wrote:
> Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
>> Cal, a great thankfulness goes from me to you for Yoshimi :-)
>> J.E.B.
> That's cool. I've had fun with it too, learned lots about lots, with lots
> more left to learn. And I still have a huge sense of awe for the body of
> work that one Nasca Octavian Paul produced in zynaddsubfx. It seems he's
> still beavering away quietly in the background, which is excellent to see!

I had the occasion to try Zynaddsubfx on my musicbox computer. This time 
I booted a new Knoppix 6.2 DVD, which includes JACK 0.116.2 configured 
for RT on a non-RT kernel. (and the usual QJackCtl couldn't start JACK 
server error.) After some command line twiddling, I got JACK running at 
64msec latency, added Zyn to the mix, played 8 notes, then got dead 
silence as Zyn simply stopped making sound. Clicked the Panic button and 
got to play another 10-12 notes before Zyn stopped again.

Made me miss yoshimi (installed on my other laptop) quite a bit!

So also thanks for yoshimi and all the patient help with getting it working.

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