[LAU] OSX apps (Berna)

Michael Bohle opendaw at jacklab.org
Sat Nov 28 10:04:54 EST 2009

Am 28.11.2009 um 00:04 schrieb Josh Lawrence:

> OK, I've been seeing mention of this:
> http://www.gleetchplug.com/Gleetchplug/berna.html

Nice app, made with MAX MSP. (save as *.maxpresets) shareware,  
crippled, only 8 minutes then it stop working.

> Looks super-cool, but there's no Linux version.

So try to make this with PD for Linux, but I think PD has no GUI  


> The OSX people have tools for compiling Linux applications on their
> platform, can we (Linux users) do anything to run Mac apps on Linux?
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