[LAU] OSX apps (Berna)

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sun Nov 29 06:22:27 EST 2009

Josh Lawrence wrote:
> OK, I've been seeing mention of this:
> http://www.gleetchplug.com/Gleetchplug/berna.html
> Looks super-cool, but there's no Linux version.
> The OSX people have tools for compiling Linux applications on their
> platform, can we (Linux users) do anything to run Mac apps on Linux?

why would you want to do this? just take your usual linux setup with a
few oscillators, and don't use midi keyboards or any DAW feature that's
remotely convenient, and there you have your 50s electro-acoustic studio.
i can't imagine there is anything this thing does which any default
audio installation of any linux distro doesn't do...

basically, there are two basic approaches:

a) fiddle around randomly with basic synth modules wired in clever (and
often abusive [1]) ways, until they make an interesting noise, use only
very limited controllers while you are recording it in real-time, store
the snippet. lather, rinse, repeat, then arrange those snippets until
you think it's cool.

b) write down a very abstract serial plan of everything you intend to
do, then realize it on the tape machines, carefully hiding any
astonishment about the sonic outcome from your colleagues (because we
all heard those intervals of multiples of the square root of 5 in our
minds already, didn't we?).

and remember: anything more than stereo out is cheating :)

check out the early stockhausen works from the 50s (before he entirely
departed to sirius) and try grab some scores as well.



[1] such as recording a modulating sine wave to tape and use that as a
crude automation input for something else.

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