[LAU] Club/House Tune made in Linux

Marco Milanesi kpanic at muppetslab.org
Mon Nov 30 05:20:10 EST 2009

> Here's a recently completed club remix of a tune a friend of mine did.
>  The only things I used from his original were the vocals, everything
> else was written for the remix.  All of the sequencing, synthesis, and
> mixing were done in Renoise, and I used Ardour for vocal tweaking and
> overall mastering (along with jamin).
> http://soundcloud.com/visinin/madius-all-i-need-visinins-needing-more-remix
> or, if soundcloud's not your thing,
> http://visinin.com/~will/madius-all_i_need_vsnrmx_18.11.09.mastered.ogg

hey visinin =)

	kpanic/beatpanic here, I think we have chatted a bit in the past -> remix
love it!

the track has a cc license?


great vibes!

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