[LAU] specimen midi cc / simple lv2 sampler?

allcoms allcoms at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 08:49:34 UTC 2010

Hi Gabriel!

>> Just wondering if anyone here has had any success or experience
>> controlling specimen (say the volume and pan sliders for example) via
>> MIDI cc as I've not been able to find any documentation on this aspect
>> of the app. What controller numbers control what? Is it possible to
>> set the controller numbers for different parameters without adjusting
>> the source and recompiling?
> Have you tried the standard CC's?[1]
> Otherwise:  Use the source, Luke!

Yes, I had tried the standard controller numbers before posting here.
I've now looked at the source (midi.c) and that confirms that volume
should be on controller 7 but its not working for me. My knowledge of
C isn't good enough to suss out why its not working though. I'm trying
to do this via JACK MIDI w/ Ardour 3 svn.

>> honest I'd prefer something more like specimen but as an LV2 plugin.
>> Is anyone already working on such an app?
> Composite[2] is similar to Specimen and has an LV2 sampler plugin (but no
> LV2 sampler GUI).  It uses "drum kits" that are identical to Hydrogen's.
>  It's not as nice as Specimen... but it is similar and LV2.

Does composite support MIDI cc? Thats not a must-have really but would
certainly be nice. I'll have to try composite anyway but have you got
plans to add a GUI as I think most people would see that as a
must-have - those coming from the Mac/Windows music production world
would at least.



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