[LAU] Attrk - rtc?

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 20:00:31 UTC 2010

hi everyone,

in my never-ending search for midi sequencers, I ran across Attrk, a
rewrite of the tracker ttrk:


I have been able to build it just fine, but I keep running into an
issue with rtc access.  the application wants to be run as root to get
realtime access to the realtime clock (rtc?).  I've never run into
this issue before with midi sequencers, so I've been doing some
reading.  apparently this was an older way of getting accurate timing
from a midi sequencer, but isn't used much anymore (my assumption
might be incorrect, please correct me if I'm wrong).  so what is the
*proper* way to handle this sort of thing on a modern system?



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