[LAU] Problem with sound on Rosegarden

Peter O'Doherty mail at peterodoherty.net
Tue Aug 3 11:35:50 UTC 2010

I'm running Rosegarden 10.02 on Ubuntu Lucid and am having problems with 
audio output. I am not using external midi hardware so am reliant on 
software synths.

The steps I've taken are:
Run qjackctl, run Qsynth (which has been loaded with Unison soundfonts).
In Rosegarden I've selected General Midi Device from the Playback 
parameters and 1. Acoustic Grand Piano from the Instrument parameters.

When I load a midi file (created by Lilypond) it plays with no audio 
although the level meters on the track do indicate it's getting some 
kind of signal.

What am I missing? And, does Qsynth need to be running at all?

Many thanks,

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