[LAU] Problem with sound on Rosegarden

Peter O'Doherty mail at peterodoherty.net
Tue Aug 3 13:48:05 UTC 2010

On 08/03/2010 02:31 PM, Harry Van Haaren wrote:
> Try this:
> In track parameters (usually on the right of the main window) under 
> the "playback parameters" sub heading,
> "device" should say "internal synth" (or similar) for Rosegarden to 
> generate audio, and hence that's #1.

My choices are "Audio", "Synth Plugin" and "General Midi Device" so I 
chose "General Midi Device".
> However I think you have "General Midi Device" selected there (hence 
> #2), and you need to make sure that
> QSynth is recieving notes (in the QSynth GUI on the bottom there's a 
> tab, usually called "engine" or so. the green light
> next to that should flash each time it recieves a MIDI command. (To 
> test, hook it up to a MIDI keyboard. )

QSynth 0.3.4 does not have such a meter; there is an "Output Peak Meter 
Level" though but it remains inactive. (Don't have a midi keyboard so 
can't do more tests.)
> Next: Connecting MIDI cables. In the "ALSA" tab of QJackCtl, expand 
> the rosegarden entry, and look for a port named
> the same as your track inside rosegarden. Connect this to QSynths 
> input. It should be that simple i think...

Ah, it seems QSynth might be the problem - it's not listed in the "ALSA" 
tab. Timidity is though...
Any ideas?

Thanks again,

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