[LAU] [LAD] mudita24 1.02 -- improved envy24control mixer/router for ice1712-based sound-cards

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 07:05:44 UTC 2010

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 6:10 PM, Geoff Beasley
<geoff at laughingboyrecords.com> wrote:
> Niels, great that you and Tim have fixed this app ;) One thing, can you
> explain what those 'profiles' are for and how to use them?

Envy24control uses the same mechanism as your system does (see
/etc/asound.state and amixer(1)) to save the state of your ALSA
devices between boots. The difference is this mechanism puts the file
under your control at ~/.envy24control/profiles.conf and allows you to
set eight different profiles: allowing you to save or restore up to
eight different "asound.state"-like configurations per card.

The different profiles are most useful for storing routings set in
"Patchbay/Router" panel, as well as "Hardware Settings" panel clock
rate, or external SPDIF/wordclock sync. On cards with switchable
spdif/optical ins (Terratec/Terrasoniq), you can persist this extra
level of "routing" -- which is useful for "matrix routing" between two
digitally-interconnected and sync'd computers. ( I use profiles named:
44dmix-to-1&2&spdif, 48dmix-to-1&2&spdif, spdmix-to-1&2&spdif,
44all-outs-pcm, 48all-outs-pcm, spdif-all-outs-pcm,
96dmix-to-1&2&spdif and 96all-outs-pcm. ).

When you have a combination of settings in envy24control that you want
to return to, just go to the "Profiles" panel, enter the name of the
profile into the first free text field (initially these will be
numbered "1" through "8"). After entering a descriptive name, click
"Save active profile." To restore a given profile, just click on the
"button" area surrounding the text field, or even click within the
text field. You'll notice the selected profile "button" indicates
activation via coloration. After changing profiles, go to, for
example, Patchbay/Router or "Hardware Settings" panels,and  note that
the previously saved state was restored.

Note that significant amounts of setting data gets saved in these files:
> ll ~/.envy24control/
-rw-r--r-- 1 npm npm 115253 2010-08-07 23:10 profiles.conf

For comparison:
> ll /etc/asound.state
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 128079 2010-08-07 18:15 /etc/asound.state

(That's for a system with two envy24-based cards installed, thus size
is large, causing "save" to produce a brief but noticeable pause in
the metering on a slower system or "ondemand" throttled system).


PS: speaking of envy24 anybody know whether this will work in standard
and are those i2s connectors, or ttl-level spdif? i guess if it's i2s
you have to get:
http://www.lionstracs.com/store/mixer-board-p-210.html (which looks
pretty cool, esp w/ the onboard dream-based hardware synth w/ large
sample ROM).

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