[LAU] Guitar rock made with Ardour and Hydrogen

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Aug 10 13:21:54 UTC 2010

Hello Roberto!
   Thanks for sharing your music. It's much better than my first recordings in 
the way of sound and mix.
   For what it's worth here's my penny: I think it might have been better to 
pan the bass (if there was one) and basic distorted rhythm guitar to the 
center and then panned the solo guitars to the sites. Not too hard though. You 
might have taken the clena rhythm guitar, which was introduced later, and 
panned it harder to one side. That way you would have a nice,simple stereo 
spread of the instruments. With the deep, distorted rhythm guitar to the left, 
the piece somehow sounds of balance in my ears.
   As to EQing: I'm not too bright with that myself. But if there is a bass, 
you may reduce gain in the low region of the rhythm guitar. If there is no 
bass, keep it as it is, it certain has power! The solo guitars sound OK to me. 
there' always something you might try to change the sound with EQs, but 
nothing wrong there.
   the drums though. I don't know the kit you've used, I suppose it's one of 
the free hydrogen kits, that you can download. I'd reduce bass in the bass 
drum, perhaps use compression to make it sound shorter and get a little more 
kick out of it. The cymbals sound a bit over emphasised in the mid range. 
Don't know maybe 400-600Hz, somewhere in between there. Maybe a little below 
that. I always found, that emphasising the high end of the cymals and hihats 
is more becoming. They don't sound so tinny then.
   The snare might also be better with a little less emphasis on the mid range, 
but only slightly. There too some more high end gain might be nice. Also the 
snare is quite sensitive to compression. You can use a compressor to change 
and mould your snare sound to your liking.
   For a rock song I'm still quite partial to the rhythm guitar. It sounds mean 
and dirty, almost metal. Lovely!
   Thanks again. I'm sure you'll get more on this and much better help than my 
few vague thoughts.
   Kindly yours

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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