[LAU] how to use linux to make music that sounds like peverelist dub-tech?

Phil Hézaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Thu Aug 12 10:14:36 UTC 2010

Le 11/08/2010 21:28, Niels Mayer a écrit :
> Thanks for bringing this thread back on track... I will give seq24 a look....
> I was wondering whether frescobaldi and
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/spip.php?article46
> (0-Le Puzzle du Batteur-The Drummer’s ’G’igsaw : version GNU bash +
> GNU sed (le 11/08/2010) : Éditeur polyrythmique + GUI de
> ’randomization’)
> might be an even more useful method...
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/spip.php?article28
> 00-How to write beats.
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/IMG/zip/00-how-to-write-beats-patterns.ly.zip
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/IMG/zip/00-how-to-write-beats-patterns.midi.zip
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/IMG/pdf/00-how-to-write-beats-patterns.pdf
> http://philippe.hezaine.free.fr/IMG/pdf/pour-un-batteur-reel-3-4-BARS.pdf
> Comments?

Hi Niels,

Thanks for your endless curiosity, here some comments.

In fact How to write beats patterns is a Lilypond's transcription of
examples from the original article by Chris Mac Cormick:


I see I have deleted the link inadvertently. Apologies to Chris.
At this time I started the 'G'igsaw and although it takes me 10 minutes
to do the transcription I was still wondering how to write velocities
inside the project. This question is obsolete now but not the thinking
of the article. That's the reason why I keep up this files.
However you could find the finished patterns in
of the 'G'igsaw's Bibliotheque.

pour-un-batteur-reel-3-4-BARS is a try of transcription (with a script)
from one BASE to a readable shift music for a real drummer. It's an
other part of the project. I only announce this on LinuxMAO in the hope
to have some advices or criticisms of drummers. Anyway I'll wait the
next stable release of Lilypond (2.14) to go further.

Feel free to ask.
Have fun.

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